give me a kiss.

by V.

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Performed and Recorded in NYC - May 2019


I don't know.
If what is outside of my head
corresponds to reality
I think I do exist
I think I am responsible
of my actions

but how do I know
that all other living beings
are nothing but projections
of an algorithm
how do I know
and have the certainty
that they are living as I do

how do I know
that you feel the same things I feel

what if my body was locked inside of a black closet
what if I am sleeping
with a wire planted in my skull
which links me to this reality

how do I wake up
if not by chopping my own head


give me a kiss on my head
open my chest
me a kiss on my heart
open my skull
me a kiss
on my brain
then open my eyes
and let the sun
burn my soul to ashes
and let my ashes disperse
in the black space
at the borders of the universes

imagine my tears sliding through my chest
reaching my stomach

I have this strong
I wish I could take your fingers
put them under my eyelids
and pull the skin
until it can reconnect with my mouth
and puke my brains into my own hands

how do I know?

if beyond my field of view
it's nothing but a grey emptinessand eveything I see, it exists only when my eyes are open

and when I close them
nothing exists anymore
everything is black
completely balck
but not ven black exists
only darkness
just nothing
but not even

but not even

a blade of fire that tears my eyes apart
severing the skull.


released May 7, 2019


all rights reserved



V. New York, New York

New York, NY

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